Why should I join?

Tired of boring group assignments and finally want to use what you have learned for something exciting? Do you want to experience motor sports live, increase your career possibilities and face new challenges? Then join our team, build a car and travel to competitions across Europe.

Our team develops and builds a new race car every year and competes in the international design competition “Formula Student” with universities from all over the globe. From the first sketch on the paper to the running car on the track, we offer you the opportunity to take on responsibility in our project and gain experience for your future career.

While we are working hard we are not forgetting the fun. Join us for workshops, team events and find friends for life in our amazing organisation.

Who can join?

You need to be a degree seeking student at Linköping University (not PhD) and should have the motivation to contribute your knowledge, learn new things and to invest time in our project. We are not only looking for mechanical, electrical and software development positions but there are also business positions to take over to be able to compete in the static disciplines.

But even if you don’t fall into any of these categories, we always need creative minds and organizational talents to keep things running and let the world know about it.

How can I join?

Have a look at the open positions at the bottom of this page. Just click on the position, find out what it's all about and apply. We will come back to you as fast as possible!

You want to join the team but can't find a fitting position? Send us a message, tell us what you can and would like to do and we will figure something out!