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LIU formula student

LiU Formula Student is a non-profit student association at Linköping University. Every year we develop and design a competition race car, which we afterwards take to Formula Student competitions all over Europe to compete against other universities from all around the globe. To achieve this, we cooperate closely with local industries as well as Linköping University. Right now we consist of about 100 students, both at bachelor level as well as master level, from several different programs and grades.


where it all started

ur journey began in June 2010 with a simple question: “So, have you heard about this thing called Formula Student? It seems kind of cool…” From this humble query, a vision was born. A core group of 5-7 passionate students embarked on a quest to explore the possibilities. We started by reaching out to the university, forging connections with potential sponsors, and delving into the administrative aspects of forming an organization. With the university on board and a shared passion driving us forward, we faced our first challenges head-on. Our initial goals included securing funding, arranging study visits to institutions like CRR and KTH, and establishing a well-organized structure. As we navigated the complexities of launching our venture, we solidified university partnerships and gained valuable sponsors.

Our dream took shape as we set out to build our first Formula Student car, acquiring around 25 members who were eager to contribute their skills and knowledge.

 The excitement grew as we prepared to compete in events like FSUK and the Baltic Open. Fast forward to 2012, and LiU Formula Student was officially born, initially known as ELiTH Racing. We had our first car, ERIC01, ready to compete at FSUK, marking the beginning of our incredible journey. With ambitious plans for the following year, ER13, our short-term goals looked promising, even as we navigated long-term challenges.

Today, our alumni have gone on to pursue impressive careers, from earning Ph.Ds to working at cutting-edge companies like SpaceX, Sauber and Aston Martin. We’ve expanded our influence to encompass the entire university, fostering international collaborations, contributing to courses, and becoming a compelling reason for students to study at Linköping University. Our story is one of passion, determination, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of Formula Student. Welcome to the LiU Formula Student family, where innovation and teamwork drive us forward.



The team currently consists of 11 different subgroups and one project leader that all have a specific place in the organization. Below follows a short summary to get a better overview of the structure.


Our aerodynamics group is responsible for the design, manufacture and optimization of the car’s aerodynamic package. The aero package currently includes carbon fiber panels, front wing, rear wing, side aero and diffuser. The group works a lot with CFD simulations to validate their designs before production. The production is also done by this team at one of our sponsors’ premises.


This group has a primary responsibility for designing and manufacturing the car’s chassis. This year the chassis has consisted of a steel frame and the goal going forward is to develop a half monocoque with a tubular steel rear frame. The chassis is the backbone of the car on which all other systems rest.


The Cost & Business team is the team consists of two parts, a cost part which, among other things, has built our part list which is partially automatic to calculate the costs of the entire car for the static event “cost & manufacturing” at the competitions. The other part of the team “Business” is the part that creates and develops this year’s concept for BPP which is another static event at the competitions.


Driverless is a development project that works to enable us to compete in the driverless class at the competitions in the future. They currently work mostly to make the software work and will later also develop the mechanical part that is controlled by the software


The electronics team is somewhat new to the ER24 project. In the past, this team has been divided into high voltage and low voltage, but this year has been merged into one. This team handles everything from software to hardware. They develop all the PCBs and cables to be able to drive our electric car forward in a safe way.

Human resources

Our HR team helps with everything from documentation and help during recruitment to leadership and conflict management for our leaders to researching the team’s opinions about the association. They are also working on a handbook to make it easier for those who choose to take the step to a leadership position.

Head of production

Head of production is responsible for everything being produced on time and has the main contact with the workshop. He is also responsible for fasteners and tools so that we have the right things, that everyone uses them in the right way and that documentation in the production phase takes place.


Management are those who lead the project and consist under ER24 of 5 people. The president who has overall responsibility and holds meetings, the vice president who supports the president and is in charge of everything related to the competitions, the treasurer who handles everything to do with money, the chief engineer who has the technical responsibility and finally a technical director who support the chief engineer with the day-to-day responsibility.


Marketing are the ones who take care of our external image. They are responsible for social media, recruitment materials, events and the graphic image of the association. Without marketing, we simply wouldn’t be visible to the outside world – which is incredibly important.


The sponsorship team is responsible for our partnerships and sponsors. They manage all communication and ensure that agreements are established and fulfilled. They also manage the newsletter. They simply ensure that the association can develop the car the way we want with the help of partners and sponsors.

test team

The test team is pretty self-explanatory about what they do. They are responsible for the car being tested before competition. They are also responsible for our garage where the work on the car is carried out. They are also responsible for our last combustion engine ER19 and hope during the year to repair and get it running again.

vehicle dynamics

Vehicle dynamics is responsible for steering, suspension, brakes, pedal box and ARB. As well as optimizes its handling and maneuverability. They have to work closely with the chassis team because of attachment points but also closely with the aero team.