Formula Student

What is Formula Student?

Formula Student is a student design competition organized by SAE International. Starting as a small event with eleven teams in 1979, it is now the world’s biggest product development competition. 

With 500 teams competing in more than ten competitions all over the world. The purpose of Formula Student is to design, construct and manufacture an efficient high-performance racing vehicle from scratch. As an addition to this, 1000 units should be fictively produced, why taking the economic parameters of production, logistics, etc. in consideration is of vital importance as well. During competitions, several different events are included. In addition to performance, the environmental perspective, safety, efficiency and smart solutions are evaluated among others. 

Formula Student has rapidly grown and there are now about 500 teams competing in a series of international competitions sanctioned by the organization FSAE all around the world. Our intention is to attend to at least two international competitions in 2016.


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