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We Are Liu Formula Student

LiU Formula Student is a non-profit students' association at Linköpings University. At present time we  consist of about 50 engineering students, both at bachelor level as well as master level, from several different programs and grades. We are competing in Formula SAE sanctioned events, as for example Formula Student. Closely cooperating with the local industries as well as Linköping University, LiU Formula Student annually develops and designs a competition vehicle, which we afterwards compete with against other universities internationally. We have an ongoing goal to make a lasting impression in the tough concurrence among the participating universities, but also to self-develop - not only as engineers but as individuals as well.


Who Are We?



The organization is divided into five subteams, Chassis Dynamics, Chassis Statics, Powertrain, Electronics and Sponsorship & PR. Every subteam is lead by a groupchief who coordinate their work a long with the other groups.


Chassis Dynamic

Chassis Static



Sponsorship & PR