Vehicle Dynamics Team


Ola Briese
Anas Obisi
Chandan Veera
David Hägglund
Erik Böhlin
Erik Wretö
Filip Möller
Karthik Mukund
Martin Oliw
Mikael Angström
Ruben Björnfoth
Steve Lien
Victor Nilsson
Viktor Broberg
Viktor Hedvall

The vehicle dynamics team is responsible for all the parts of the car that has to do with the actual driving of the car. The systems in the team are suspension, brakes, steering, uprights, the pedalbox and the ARB (Anti-Roll Bar). We also have a part of the team that works on simulations to compare our designed parameters to actual tests performed on old cars and with this data improve future cars.

To be a part of this team, is to be working on designing, manufacturing and assembling our team’s parts. What our concept each year consists of is to take last year’s design and either improve upon it or to redesign it depending on what is needed. Due to this the team offers a range of different practices at different levels of difficulty with most encompassing doing some cad work. The different practices may vary from analysing and simulating the kinematic model and designing the suspension geometry, design of uprights, calculating forces applied on systems and to perform both FEM with program and manual calculations. Overall it is to work closely together with the rest of the team and other teams to make sure a drivable car is produced.


Team Leader

My name is Ola Briese and I am the team leader of the Vehicle Dynamics team. I am 29 years old and currently I am doing my third year of mechanical engineering studies. Outside of being a part of formula student I do powerlifting and work as a teaching assistant at MAI.