Test Team


Christer Gilberg
Andrej Herceg
Andrei Toader
Elias Juhlén
Erik Ribbnäs
Isak Tellman
Ludwig Westman
Martin Ling
Oliwer Ljungström

The Test Team is responsible for planning and executing the tests for the cars, both new and old. Tests are carried out to refine and improve the performance of the car and the majority of them are performed at Mantorp Park. We are collaborating closely with different teams that want their systems such as brakes, vehicle dynamics and software tested, which is also a great opportunity for the drivers to get driving experience.

The team is also responsible for the design and production of certain tools for the car, like a quick jack, a tool to lift the car, push bar, a tool to move the car around safely and a cart to move the battery. The people in the team have good mechanical and practical knowledge and are a resource for the rest of the organisation if such competence is needed.

Team Leader

My name is Christer Gilberg and I am the Team Leader for the Test Team. I am 22 years old and I am currently studying my third year in my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. In my spare time I enjoy being with my friends and working on cars, bikes and restoring different projects. I love to learn new things and I believe the role as Team Leader will be a challenging and rewarding experience.