Technical Director

Emil Lundberg

I joined the organization while studying my first year of mechanical engineering as a trainee in drivers’ environment. This was during the spring recruitment for ER20 and for ER21 I became frame design engineer. For the ER22 project I continued to work within Chassis but moved up to the role as team leader for the Chassis & Mechanical Powertrain team. Since I’ve had a fascination of cars and engines for as long as I can remember joining the organization was a no-brainer and after joining my interest has only grown. I’m now on my 4th LiU Formula Student project and I’m more excited than ever to see where this project is going to take us!



About the role

As the Technical Director for the mechanical side, I assist the Chief Engineer in their work with the mechanical teams e.g Aero, Vehicle Dynamics, Chassis and Mechanical Powertrain. This ultimately means setting up goals for the design and production for each team and making sure that the milestones are followed and that the parts made are rule compliant. During this year my main focus will be on Chassis, Mechanical Powertrain and Vehicle Dynamics since there is a lot of work to be done in those teams to design and produce a new dedicated EV platform. I also have the shared responsibility with the chief engineer to maintain our CAD model and PLM system and help educate our members in using these systems and producing good quality drawings and simulations.