Technical Director

Theodor Lindberg

My name is Theodor Lindberg and I’m the Technical Director (TD) for the electrical systems as well as the software. I was in the Low Voltage Electronics team in ER21 and ER22 but for ER23 I moved to management. I think it’s really exciting and fun to see the bigger picture while still being able to work hands-on. I am currently doing my last year of my master’s within System on Chip so this will unfortunately be my last year in LiU FS but I think this will be my most exciting year!



About the role

The official description of a Technical Director (TD) is usually “to assist the Chief Engineer (CE) with technical expertise”, often in areas in which the CE is not an expert in. For me this means providing technical knowledge regarding the electrical systems and software used both inside and outside the car. I work very closely with the electrical teams: Power Electronics, Low Voltage Electronics and Driverless Software. In practice this includes setting milestones, reviewing designs, making sure everything is rule compliant and handling safety regarding high voltage and Li-ion batteries.