Sponsorship Team


Erik Fagerberg
Alma Varga
Lisa Vilhelmsson

The sponsorship team´s main responsibility surrounds external communication with potential partners of what LiU Formula may aid them with and what they can support the team with. This dialogue is vital to the team as we are reliant on these associations to further develop our vehicles through aids in the form of materials, products, monetary value or other means. Thus keeping a long-term positive relationship with firms is needed to keep these assets in the association for several generations.
Other responsibilities include legal commitments such as constructing invoices, monitoring that our commitments to these associations are kept as well as their side is fulfilled and understanding what services and products our team is missing. Bridging this gap between LiU Formula and external partners is what the team is responsible for.

Sponsorship Director

Hi My name is Erik Fagerberg  and I am the Sponsorship Director of LiU-FS ER23. I am studying a masters degree within Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Sustainability Engineering and Management. I was a member of ER22 where I developed and manufactured the framework, however this year I transitioned to the sponsoring team as I feel that I have the necessary mechanical knowledge to bridge the knowledge gap that may exist between the engineers at the company and our financial team. As a person I love planning and working with people which also aids in working in a big association that has a lot of external partners.