Power Electronics Team


YuYang Shen

The team is Power Electronics, we are working with the high voltage part of the car. We build the battery, charger, inverter, motor as well as other controlling systems for the car. We work both with hardware and software. Not only we design PCBs, we also code MCUs. We make sure that the car has a power source, can safely start and shutdown the motor and that the driver has the means to control the motor. We work closely with other teams like Low Voltage and Mechanical Powertrain to make sure we have a rolling car.

Team Leader

YuYang Shen is solution oriented and optimistic. He is always happy to learn new things and also willing to apply his knowledge into solving real-world issues. He wants to attribute more to the organization. He likes to make time plans ahead and try to follow the schedule. He comes from China and is studying his last year in Master of Electronic Engineering in Linkoping University.