Low Voltage Electronics Team


Jacob Ringfjord

Low Voltage Electronics have a wide range of responsibilities spanning over the entire car. In short one could say that the team is responsible for everything electrical that is not related to the direct propulsion of the car. This includes mounting different sensors, buttons and switches to the car and connect it to the wire harness that is designed and built by the team. The team does also produce the dashboard, that is located above the steering wheel. It displays useful information about the car for the driver to look at while driving.

The team also work outside the car by developing different softwares used for seeing real time data sent from the car wirelessly and data post-analysis useful for detecting problems and find what areas on the car that can be improved

Team Leader

I am Jacob and I study my 3rd year in software engineering and computer science. I have a huge interest in Formula 1 which was the main reasons why I decided to join the association in the beginning of 2022. I like programming, electronics and my greatest hobby is RC model aircrafts. Therefore, low voltage electronics was an obvious choice for me. This year I took it to the next level and became the Team Leader of the team. It is a big challenge and it will take a lot of time but with no doubts I will get new memories, friends and many laughs in return.