HR Team


Hanna Amsberg

Jens Pettersson

The HR team is one of the newer teams in the association and is today consisting of one HR Generalist, two Recruitment Specialist and one HR Manager. The HR team’s main goal is to create the foundation of the HR processes that are being used in the association. We are currently focusing on projects related to recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, employer branding and creating HR policies in the association. Since there are mostly engineers in LiU Formula Student, we are also focusing on educating the management group and team leaders in HR related issues such as recruitment and leadership. In order for there to be as large of an exchange of knowledge within the HR team as possible, we work closely together and support each other in the various HR processes.

HR Manager

The HR manager and leader of the HR team is Hanna Amsberg. She studies her third year of the bachelor’s program in HR and has happily been a part of the association and the HR team since the spring of ER21. She loves racing, F1 in particular, and fast cars. Hanna strongly recommends you to apply to LiU Formula Student and the HR team, especially if you’re a McLaren fan!