Head of Production



Alexander Frid

Tjena! My name is Alexander, but most people just call me Frid. I’m 23 years old and I’m currently studying my third and last year of my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. I joined LIU Formula Student at the beginning of the ER22 project as a system engineer in the battery container project. I then took on the role of head of production during the spring of 2022. I have previously worked as a welder and metal fabricator and enjoy designing and creating things in the workshop. I would like to think that I am good at turning theory into practice. During my time off I like to go bike riding and spend time in nature.

About the Role

As Head of Production, I’m responsible for most of the practicalities concerning production of the car and its components. This includes close work with system engineers in both mechanical and electrical teams during the design phase. Where I, through experience in metal work and fabrication, can bring idea’s regarding manufacturing methods and choice of material. All with the goals of manufacturability and ease of assembly. My role also includes having oversight in planning of the production phase and prioritising which parts need to be manufactured first. I’m also responsible for quality control of manufactured parts and to communicate with system engineers when a part is not producible. Finally, I work as a practical resource where I help with fabrication and workshop tasks such as welding, cutting and bending.