Driverless Software Team


Markets Damigos
Christoforos Spyretos
Chayan Shrang Raj
Dinuke Jayaweera
Erik Lidman
Ilja Müller Rasmussen
Oskar Grönlund
Siyu Liu
Theodor Emanuelsson
Wuhao Wang

Driverless software team is a research team inside the organization with aim to convert the car to a fully autonomous vehicle. The team used to include both development and mechanical sub-teams, but got split in two different times from ER23 and onwards. To achieve our aim we are working with latest available technologies. With the use of cameras and LiDAR and deep learning models we manage to make decisions and control the car. The team is one of the newest teams in the organization and has strong connections with leading companies in the industry.

Team Leader

I am Marketos Damigos and come from Greece. With a BSc in Statistics and Insurance science, I came to Sweden to study Statistics and Machine Learning. This is my second year in the association and hope to make big steps towards our goal. I initially applied and became member of the association as the photographer of the team but moved towards my studies and became part of the Driverless team, so don’t hesitate and apply to became one of us.