Driverless Mechanical


Love Bråliden
Adithya Dath
Hannes Flood
Kia Alemtar
Martin Arvidsson
Vasanth Elangovan

About the project

The Driverless Team was founded in 2021 when the ER21 Management of LiU Formula Student made the decision to start the development of an autonomous system to make upcoming cars able to drive autonomously. The team then consisted of engineers working either with software or mechanical systems. At present, the mechanical department of Driverless has been moved and onwards belongs to Vehicle Dynamics as a sub-team, and the Driverless nowadays only work with software.

The main focus for the Driverless Mechanical Team is to develop and provide mechanical systems to make the car able to drive autonomously. These systems are autonomous steering, autonomous braking (ASB) and autonomous emergency braking (EBS). When driving, these systems perform by receiving digital signals from the software’s system (like how much to steer, when to brake, how much brake force to apply ect.) and then translate these signals into mechanical actions.

Team Leader

My name is Love Bråliden and I am the project leader for the Driverless Mechanical Team. I joined LiU Formula Student in 2021 and worked as a Mechanical Engineer in the Driverless Team. During ER22 I was responsible for the autonomous braking system. I worked with the development of a concept which was manufactured and tested with positive results.

I was born in 2002 in Lund in Sweden where I grew and lived until I graduated from upper college and then moved to Linköping to study at the University. Currently I’m studying the second year of the bachelor programme in Mechanical Engineering at Linköpings Tekniska Högskola. After the bachelor’s degree I will continue my studies and do my master in aeronautical engineering to realise my dream of becoming an aircraft engineer.