Cost & Business Team


Linus Fransson

Isac Vejklint

Elin Walfridsson

The cost & business team has in short two responsibilities. The cost-part means we are responsible for making sure the organization has a complete bill of material to hand in to the competition. For some systems, this includes specifying an even more detailed bill for both material and cost calculations. The latter means providing the engineers with the support needed to make the cost calculations.

The business-part means we are responsible for making a fictive business idea around the actual car and pitching the idea for “investors” at competition. This part includes making all necessary research and calculations to convince our business is worth investing in. To do so we design a good looking presentation along with a strong script to really make an impression. The business lastly includes handing in a 30 seconds pitch video.

Team Leader

My name is Linus and I am the team leader for the Cost & Business team. I am currently studying my third year of my bachelor in mechanical engineering. I joined the organization during autumn 2021 in the Cost & Business team. I spent the year doing cost calculations as well as working on the business plan. I helped out with the concept of our business idea, the visual presentation and the script.