Chief Engineer

Gustav Blomgren

I joined the aerodynamics team of LiU FS in the autumn of 2020 for the ER21 project, then stepping up as Team leader the following year for ER22. Now I’m starting my 5th and final year at LiU where I’m studying mechanical engineering and currently taking a master in applied mechanics. I have a large interest in both fluid and solid mechanics, thus my education has been following both of those paths. During my time in LiU FS I’ve become more familiar with the material carbon fiber. My interest in it has increased massively, as well as my knowledge of it. What I think is the greatest thing about LiU FS is the possibility to apply what you have learned and test new grounds together with other equally ambitious students.



About the role

As the Chief Engineer of LiU Formula Student I am responsible for everything technical related to the car. Every technical team leader reports to me which enables me to keep track of everyone’s progress. My main responsibilities are making sure the car is finished on time, rule compliant as well as a technical advancement forward from previous years. I am also responsible for making sure that the right documents are submitted in time for competitions, that we keep a good contact with technical advisors and that our work is conducted in a safe manner. To achieve this I organize design guidelines, design presentations, rule scrutineerings and production deadlines together with the team leaders. Making all of this happen is a lot of work, so to assist me I have my two Technical Directors that specializes in the mechanical and electrical field respectively.