Chassis Team


Jesper Larsson

Arturo Rodriguez

The chassis team constructs the backbone of the car, along with the cockpit interior and safety system. The chassis this year will consist of a carbon fibre monocoque in the front along with a steel spaceframe in the rear. To protect the driver in the event of a crash the car is equipped with a crash structure under the nosecone. This structure will be designed, calculated, produced, and tested by the chassis team. Chair, steering wheel, and seat inserts are developed to fit each of our drivers. done within the chassis team. The chassis interfere with most of the other systems and therefore communications with other teams are a vital part of designing the chassis.

Team leader

My name is Jesper, and I am the team leader of the chassis team for ER23. I study my third out of five years in mechanical engineering and have been part of the team since January 2021. I spent last year manufacturing a lot of the team’s composite and lead the development necessary for the organisations first Monocoque.