Aero Team


Erik Nygårds
Alexandros Tsitos
Álvaro Morcillo
Arvid Carlsson
Erick Espinosa
Georg Eklöw
Jonathan Bengtsson
Leo Axelsson
Oskar Wiström
Philip Edman
Robert Cole
Shreyas Maligemane
Simon Lidman
Tim Semi
Vilmer Berglund
William Wallace

The Aerodynamics team is responsible for the aero-package on the car, including front wing, body panels, side-aero, floor and diffuser, and rear wing. The team is also responsible for the placement of the fans and their cowling. As most parts are made out of carbon fibre the team produces, assists, or gives advice for most carbon fibre production within the team.
The work during a year is divided into a design and manufacturing phase. During the design phase concepts are discussed and made in CAD, which is then sent to be simulated using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). using the results of the CFD simulation the performance of the part or concept is evaluated and iterated in order to improve performance. During the production phase production documents are made such as drawings, moulds, jigs and fixtures. These are then produced by different sponsors and treated by the team to make them manufacturing ready. All carbon fibre layups are then performed by the team members, as well as the following trimming and assembly.
The goal of the aerodynamics team is to educate in aerodynamic development and in composite materials, as well as to improve the car’s performance by increasing the downforce levels over previous cars. A side goal to this is to make the aero package look stunning to please sponsors and attract more people to the organisation.

Team Leader

My name is Erik Nygårds and I am the team leader for the aerodynamics team working on the 2023 car, ER23. I am currently studying the last year of my master’s in aeronautical engineering with specialization in aerodynamics and CFD. Before that I did my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering here at LiU. I have a passion for motorsport and aerodynamics, and the dream is to one day work within F1 as an aerodynamicist.