Thank you for a great year!

The ER21 project year comes to an end. Unfortunately not exactly as we expected. While we did manage to finish the car mechanically, the integration of the high voltage system turned out to be more complicated than expected. While everyone worked hard and we tried all we could to get it ready for the competitions, we unfortunately did not have a driving rule compliant car ready in time.

Nonetheless we achieved a lot during that difficult year. We established a new design process, set up facilities and guidelines to work with high voltage, developed our own battery management system and built a beautiful looking car. Which did drive (slowly). Not to forget a new carbon suspension and a complete aero package fully manufactured at different sponsors. I am grateful for what we have achieved and I think we gave the ER22 management a good foundation to build a great car upon!

I want to thank all our members for their outstanding work, the time and dedication they put into the car and the project. And of course also a huge thank you to our sponsors, you make our car possible and we are happy to have you on our side!

Thank you!

Fabian & the rest of the ER21 management