After not having been to a competition in two years, the association was very excited to go to the FSEast competition in Hungary in August of 2022. Due to the fact that ER22 is LiU Formula Student’s first competition-ready electric car, the focus during FSEast was to learn how far the team had come in the progress of producing an electric formula student car and what we could improve on in the coming years. This we learned from the scrutineering events, where we passed the scrutineering of the mechanical parts, the battery container, the driver’s equipment, and passed the first electrical scrutineering step – and the team could not be more proud.

Furthermore, the team passed the static events on an overall 18th place out of 33, with the best placement of 8 during the business plan presentation. Here, we also learned a lot of valuable lessons which will be brought to next year’s competition with the ER23 car. Overall, we are very happy and proud of the efforts that brought us to the competition – finalizing the goals we set out at the beginning of the year.

The ER22 team would like to thank the members of the ER20 and ER21 projects for the incredible efforts in our association that have paved the way for ER22 to compete. The team would also like to express its gratitude to all those who have helped during the year: the University personnel, our sponsors, and alumni, thank you!

We are now looking forward to starting on the next project: ER23! Don’t forget to follow us on social media to see our progress, or apply to become a member.

Adam Holm – President ER23

“It was fun to meet so many other enthusiastic students from all over the world! Lots of fun and lots of beer, just like formula student should be!”

Martin Ling – Member

“It was interesting to be on a Formula 1 track and se our car compete in a competition. Many early mornings with a lot of work but in the end it was worth it!”

Gustav Blomgren – Chief Engineer ER23

“Overall we were very happy to be ready with the car and that we went to a competition. For the first time since 2019 did we participate in a FS competition. We gained a lot of experience going through scrutineering, we encountered some obstacles that we solved as a team. Unfortunately because of this we did not have time to pass every part of the scrutineering, so we could not take part in any dynamic events. In the static events we performed very well despite being rather inexperienced. Finishing 17 out of 34 teams. Never the less we learned massively from this and will take that with us to ER23.”