Wire Harness

Closing on: Jan 23, 2022
Project: ER22
Team: Low Voltage Electronics

About the team

In Low Voltage Electronics we have a very wide range of responsibilities spanning over the entire car. In short one could say that we are responsible for everything electrical that is not related to the direct propulsion of the car. All of our electronics also need to be controlled and have a place to live inside the car, therefore we also take care of software and mechanical solutions for all of our systems! Because of this we are requiring a variety of engineers to fulfill our purpose and complete our goal. 

Today the Low voltage electronics team consists of six happy members with a range of knowledge and experience in different areas of engineering. We are currently seeking one new member for the following position/system:

  • Wire Harness – This system spans over the entire car and is responsible for electrically connecting systems, sensors, buttons, LEDs and so on to what it needs to be interfacing with to ensure a safe and functioning car.

About the role

As previously mentioned the purpose of the Wire Harness is to connect many different components and systems spread across the entire car through cables and connectors. This will for example enable the data logger to read sensor values for wheel speeds, let the vehicle control unit know how much the driver wants to accelerate or let safety systems inform the driver of critical errors through LED indicators. As the system engineer for the Wire Harness system your main goal will be to construct the Wire Harness according to rules and already made blueprints. Your work will consist of the following:

  • Measure, solder, cut and crimp cables
  • Assemble cables into contacts
  • Route and package cables in the car
  • Update drawings according to physical wire harness
  • Communicate with teams interfacing with the wire harness

Competencies needed

  • Basic knowledge of electronics/electrical concepts
  • Worked with electronics, troubleshooting or similar in free time (meritorious)
  • Experience with crimping cables and construction of connectors (meritorious)

You are:

  • Structured in your work and a person who thinks twice before executing
  • Good at collaborating with others and working as a team
  • Solution oriented

The estimated workload is between 12-15 hours a week.

If you believe you would fit the Low Voltage Electronics team, please send your application no later than January 23. If you have any questions, please write to Team Leader Jakob Hilleskog at es.tn1642797314eduts1642797314alumr1642797314ofuil1642797314@goks1642797314ellih1642797314.boka1642797314j1642797314.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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