Power Electronics Engineer

Closing on: Dec 31, 2022
Project: ER23
Team: Power Electronics

About the team

The Power Electronics team is responsible for all electrical systems which contribute to the propulsion of the car; the key systems to achieve this are the battery, inverter and motor. We make sure that the car has a power source, a motor and that the driver has the means to control the motor.

About the roles

  • Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) – Is the interface between the driver and the motor. Consists of a microcontroller and contains the software that controls many of the key functions in the car.
  • Tractive System Active Light (TSAL) – A safety component that alerts people in the proximity of the car when high voltage is present outside the battery container.
  • Tractive System Control Unit (TSCU) – Handles the activation and deactivation of the high current path to the inverter. 
  • Tractive System Wire Harness (TSWH) – The wire harness connecting the battery, inverter and motor. 
  • Charger – Is a system located outside the car on a battery cart. The charger itself is a bought product, but it needs its own wire harness and additional safety features. 

What is necessary for the role

  • Has completed at least one basic course in electronics.

What is meritorious for the role

  • PCB design.
  • Experience with working hands on with soldering and wiring.
  • Experience with microcontrollers (only needed for some systems).
  • Familiarity with protocols like CAN or SPI (only needed for some systems).

You are

  • Interested in electronics or programming and want to extend your knowledge.
  • Structured in your work.
  • Good at collaborating and solving problems together with others.

Estimated workload

The estimated workload will be around 10 hours per week, often divided into workshops on Mondays and Wednesdays between 17-21. However, some personal work and research might be needed outside the scheduled hours.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding a specific role or the Power Electronics team in general.

Yuyang Shen
Team leader – Power Electronics

If you believe you would fit in the Power Electronics team please submit your application (in English).

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