Manufacturing and Test Engineer

Closing on: Jan 23, 2022
Project: ER22
Team: Aerodynamics

About the team

The monocoque design team is a sub group within the aerodynamics team that leads the development of a carbon fiber monocoque chassis which will be used in future Liu FS cars. Note that this is not for this year’s car. 

During the last months, the team developed a basic concept for design and manufacturing. The next steps of the development process will focus on detailed design, testing and the manufacturing of a prototype. 

The group works closely with both the Aerodynamics team and Chassis team. 

About the role

You will support the design engineers in their tasks to make sure that the design solutions they find are manufacturable. In order to do so, you have to gain an overview about different manufacturing processes and set up detailed manufacturing plans. 

You will have a special focus on testing, to show that the monocoque is structurally equivalent to the steel tube chassis. Therefore, you will not only manufacture the monocoque itself, but also small scale test samples. A draft of a test plan is already set up, so you will focus on the details and on the actual testing itself.

As this group is part of the Aero team it is good if the group gets experience with composites. It will therefore help the aero team to some extent when manufacturing of aero parts starts picking up in the spring. 

Competencies needed

  • Experience with CAD software is meritorious (CATIA)
  • Experience with FEM software is meritorious
  • Basic knowledge of composite materials is necessary   
  • Having completed TMKO04 (composite material) course or similar is meritorious
  • Experience in material testing is meritorious

You are:

  • Able to work independently and come up with new solutions that you find on your own
  • A driven person who isn’t afraid of a challenge 
  • Have pre-knowledge about composite structures
  • Good at documenting your work
  • A good problem solver and are innovative
  • Good at communicating and working with others

The estimated workload per week is 10-15 hours.

If you believe you would fit the monocoque team, please send your application no later than January 23. If you have any questions, please write to Jana Caspari at es.tn1642795233eduts1642795233alumr1642795233ofuil1642795233@irap1642795233sac.a1642795233naj1642795233.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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