Localization & Mapping Developer

Expired on: Sep 14, 2020
Project: ER21
Team: Driverless

About the Team

The driverless team has taken on a new challenge and this year: we are aiming at delivering an autonomous system compatible with this year’s electronic vehicle. Our goal is to develop a driverless system on a RC platform that has the capability to compete under the same circumstances that a normal sized car has.

The design covers the entire car, from sensor placement, electronics layout, applied deep learning and motion planning with help of sensors and computing hardware. The big work lies on choosing the right infrastructure and algorithms for a well performing race car.

If you are passionate about autonomous driving, excited about working with an engaged, friendly team and willing to persistently learn and work with us to build a performant system. Then you might be one of us.

About the Position

The localization and mapping developers are responsible for figuring out the exact position of the car. It enables the vehicle to do everything from accelerating and keeping it between the cones. To get there we use a combination of kalman filtering, particle filtering, simultaneous localization and mapping, map-based localization.


  • Eager to learn
  • Excited about autonomous driving
  • Teamplayer that can take initiative

Preferred qualities

  • Completed a course that touches autonomous driving
  • Knowledge with ROS/C++/Python/GIT

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Driverless team leader Simon at es.tn1601193272eduts1601193272alumr1601193272ofuil1601193272@ssel1601193272revir1601193272d1601193272

Sorry! This job is expired.