Cost Developer

Expired on: Sep 14, 2020
Project: ER21
Team: Cost & Business

About the Team

The Cost and Business team’s responsibility is to deliver on static events at competition. These events are the Business Plan Presentation Event, the Cost and Manufacturing Event and the Engineering Design Event. Our task is therefore to overhaul, gather and calculate the cost of the car together with the other teams as well as to explore and develop a business model and a business pitch. The key elements of this team are interest in business modeling and enthusiasm for working with people.

About the Position

The Cost Developer will work alongside the Cost Administrator to develop the cost presentation and the elements involved for the competition’s Cost and Manufacturing Event. These elements are a list of the cost for the vehicle parts and a report document. This position is perfect for one who is interested in numbers as well as going into the details. The work will mostly be performed in Microsoft Excel and sometimes other software systems which means good computer knowledge is crucial. The Cost Developer will also work on the Business Plan Presentation, mostly on the business costs. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience or interest in economic cost evaluation
  • Good computer knowledge, Microsoft Excel
  • Analysing persona

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Cost & Business team leader Rosalie at es.tn1601189160eduts1601189160alumr1601189160ofuil1601189160@ssen1601189160isubt1601189160soc1601189160

Sorry! This job is expired.