LiU Formula Student is split up into different teams covering every part of the car as well as the organisation. The design of the car is divided between the seven technical teams which are lead by the Chief Engineer. He is one member of the elected management and his main responsibility is the successful development of the year's car. He is supported by his Technical Director.

Other members of the elected management are

  • the President, who is the overall head of the organisation and responsible for the long-term strategy of the organisation,
  • the Vice President, who supports the President in the daily business and
  • the Treasurer, who manages the budget and economy of the organisation.

The team leaders and their teams build the foundation of our organisation, being responsible for the design of the car and successful participation at the competition in both static and dynamic events.Outside of the competitions but still crucial for our operation is the marketing director. He is responsible for corporate relations, public image, events and social media.

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Rosalie Johnsson

Maeve Jameson
Marketing Director

Johannes Wenngren
Vice President

Edvin Johansson
Technical Director

Thijs Hobbenschot
Chief Engineer

Hanna Amsberg
HR Manager

Christoph Kinnervall


Ola Briese
Team Leader Vehicle Dynamics

Adam Holm
Team Leader Test Team

Jakob Hilleskog
Team Leader LV Electronics

Mikael Josefsson
Team Leader Power Electronics

Emil Lundberg
Team Leader Chassis

Erik Ribbnäs
Team Leader Cost & Business

Gustav Blomgren
Team Leader Aerodynamics

Erik Berglund
Team Leader Driverless

Wietske Heidt
Team Leader Events

Margot Maleville

Project Leader Monocoque

Alexander Frid

Head of Production