LiU Formula Student is split up into different teams covering every part of the car as well as the organisation. The design of the car is divided between the seven following teams:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Chassis
  • CV Powertrain
  • Electronics
  • EV Powertrain
  • IT/Driverless
  • Vehicle Dynamics

These teams are lead by the Chief Engineer, which is part of the elected management. His/her main responsibility is the successful development of the year's car. He/she is supported by its Technical Directors.

Other members of the management are

  • the President, who is the overall head of the organisation and responsible for the long-term strategy of the organisation,
  • the Vice President, who supports the President in the daily business and
  • the Treasurer, who manages the budget and economy of the organisation.

In addition, the Marketing Director leads the Marketing team and is responsible for corporate relations, public image, events and social media.


ER20 Management & Team Leaders

First row (l.t.r.): Nora Enderby, Hugo Thalén, Moa Nyström, Gabriel Ehlin
Second row (l.t.r.): Erik Vandor, Johannes Wenngren, Oskar Renåker, Oskar Lind Johnsson, Herman Heljelid
Third row (l.t.r.): Anton Skantz, Ludvig Boström, Alexander Brohmé

The ER20 management consists of the following members:

President: Hugo Thalén
Vice President: Oskar Lind Johnsson
Treasurer: Anton Skantz
Chief Engineer: Ludvig Boström
Technical Director: Erik Vandor, Herman Heljelid

The teams are lead by the following members:

Aerodynamics: Alexander Brohmé
Chassis: Gabriel Ehlin
CV Powertrain: Mayur Vaghjiani
Electronics: Johannes Wenngren
EV Powertrain: Oskar Rensåker
IT/Driverless: Hugo Hörnquist
Vehicle Dynamics: Nora Enderby