Business and Purchase Planner

Expired on: Jun 30, 2022
Project: ER23
Team: Cost & Business

About the team:

The Cost & Business team are responsible for calculating the costs of manufacturing a prototype car with focus on a few different aspects of this line of work as well as developing a fictive business case revolving around said prototype in such way that it would bring monetary profit. This work is then part of the competition and scored by judges.

Members of the team will be able to work with both parts of the project to make sure all team members work together and help each other out with all of the group’s responsibilities to learn different skills throughout the year. 

About the role

Having the role of Business and Purchase Planner you will focus on tasks regarding purchases for the car. The tasks mainly consist of working together with the different teams, controlling and supporting them with their purchases. More precisely the tasks will consist of communicating, coordinating and administering procedures connected to purchases.

As Business and Purchase Planner you will be a part of the Cost and Business team together with other members. By being a part of the Cost and Business team you will have the opportunity to work with competition events such as business cases, cost analysis and more. This is a new role in Formula and you will be able to form the role in your own way and set the standard for future members!

The estimated workload is 8 hours/week. 

Skills that are desirable 

  • Having great communication skills both in written and verbal form. 
  • Knowledge in economics/business from e.g. studies or work.
  • Technical knowledge in racing cars and an understanding of the different parts and systems.

You Are:

  • Driven and enthusiastic.
  • Outgoing and good at working with others.
  • Orderly and structured.


If you believe you would fit as the Business and Purchase planner, please send your application no later than June 30th at 23:59. If you have any questions, please write to HR Manager Hanna Amsberg at es.tn1659929072eduts1659929072alumr1659929072ofuil1659929072@greb1659929072sma.a1659929072nnah1659929072.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Sorry! This job has expired.