Team Leader for the Low Voltage Electronics Team

Expired on: Jun 30, 2022
Project: ER23
Team: Low Voltage Electronics

About the team

Low Voltage Electronics are in charge of all the electronics that are not directly related to the propulsion of the car. Our job is to make sure that all electronics spread across the entire car are hooked up with power, signals and interface so we can effectively control our systems, gather data and supply other teams with electrical infrastructure. We are also responsible for writing software that controls our systems, the low voltage side of the main safety circuit, software that showcases live streamed data from when the car is running, production of panels where buttons, switches, LEDs and much more will be placed, data collection and our main communication bus. 

Important work for the Low Voltage Electronics team 

  • Wire harness: Connects all electrical systems in the car
  • Shutdown Circuit: Circuit that kills the entire car in case of accident or faulty behaviour of the car
  • Dash/HUD: Display with information for the driver while driving
  • Logger: Logs data to display for the driver, pit crew and other teams to tune the car
  • Live/Plex: Software that displays Live data and software that displays logged data after test sessions
  • CAN coordinator: Manage and structure the main communication bus
  • Mechanical production: Produce mounts for systems and sensors and produce panels for buttons, LEDs and switches

About the role:

The Team Leader of Low Voltage Electronics is responsible for:

  • Guiding team members in making decisions and design choices.
  • Making sure your members have what they need to do their job.
  • Attend meetings.
  • Plan and specify what is needed from your team.
  • Manage communication with other teams.

The estimated workload will be around 20 hours per week.

What is necessary for the role?

  • Electrical knowledge
  • Some software knowledge
  • Genuine interest in electronics

What is meritorious for the role?

  • Circuit and PCB-design
  • Cable work (crimping and making contacts)
  • Soldering
  • Good at cable management
  • Worked with electronics in your spare time 
  • Microcontroller experience
  • CAN communication protocol
  • Raspberry Pi
  • CAD

You are:

  • Curious.
  • A good leader.
  • A person who has multiple solutions to one problem.
  • Organized and structured in your work.
  • Passionate about engineering.
  • Proud of the the work you do.

If you believe you would fit the Low Voltage Electronics team, please send your application no later than June 30th at 23:59. If you have any questions, please write to HR Manager Hanna Amsberg at es.tn1659933074eduts1659933074alumr1659933074ofuil1659933074@greb1659933074sma.a1659933074nnah1659933074.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Sorry! This job has expired.