Formula Student teams are financed by sponsorships. Without the generous support of our sponsors, we would not be able to realize our ideas and vision for our formula student cars. Each sponsor enables us to design an innovative and competitive vehicle.

We are very grateful for your sponsorship and the faith in our work!

We hope your company wants to take part of our journey towards this year’s competition vehicle. You will contribute both to personal development as well as increased engineering skills and broadened technical knowledge of LiU Formula Student’s members!




Linköping university is one of the most prestigeous universities in Sweden. With roughly 27000 students in 4 campuses it's also one of the largest universities in sweden. LiU Formula Student wouldn't be what it is today without the backing from the university that provides the necessary machines, equipment and funding for the project.



Nira motorsport provides electronic control units to the engine. The quality of the products helps us achieve top performance and still have the durability that is required to have during the competition.



Vti provides a huge amount of testing for the car, they assist during endurance tests and crash tests to ensure the safety of the driver and the reliability of the car itself.




SKF is a world leading company that specifies in bearings for both automotive and industrious purposes. SKF provides bearings of the highest quality to ensure that we remain in the higher tier of the competing teams.



Exova is widely known for their knowledge in the metal, plastic and composites handling. Exova helps us to handle the carbon fibre safely and in a way that improves the surfaces of the carbon fibre wing areas to ensure the maximum amount of strength in the wings.



Protech offers 3D-printers and CAD/CAM software from leading suppliers. Protech supports us with a 3d printed intake which is 3D-printed in the rigid plastic ULTEM. This provides us with a greater liberty when designing the intake and other surrounding components.



Ricardo is a consultancy that works within the automotive industry and provides CAE solutions for the powertrain. Their software is helping us optimize the powertrain and provides necessary simulations for the car.



Altair is a simulation technology company which specifies in making the product applicable in simulation. They provide Simulation software tools which helps us optimizing the car.



Norelem is widely recognized of their product assortment which can be found in "The big green book". They provide a vast amount of products to us such as bolts, screws and equipment.



Flir is a Swedish based company that specializes in heat cameras and measurement products. They provide multimeters and heat cameras so we can make sure that the car isn't overheating and that the wiring of the electric components is done right.



Ljunghäll specializes in high pressure die casting and houses a lot of CNC-machines which is very useful when creating specialized parts for our very advanced racecar. Ljunghäll which has their largest clients in the automotive business is a valuble sponsor to us and will bring us closer to the top which we desperately aim for.









  • To see the pure excitement in the eyes of young engineers when they are working on motorsport projects including our ECUs, with the potential of them bringing their interest, energy and excitement into our company as a valuable team member when finished their studies.
    Nira Control AB
  • We partner with racing teams worldwide and are excited to be supporting Liu Formula Student in Sweden this year. We are always impressed by the commitment young engineering talents show towards their projects, in particular when it comes to building and promoting a race car. The students develop a high degree of professionalism by participating at the Formula Student. Our partnership aims at helping engineering talents gaining hands-on experience and supporting them when turning their ideas into reality.We are very proud to be sponsoring Liu Formula Student and to nurture the next generation of world-class engineers.
    Marcus Schneck CEO of norelem
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