Q. Brief introduction about yourself.

A. My name is Jorge Lovaco Hernandez, I am from Spain and studying the whole master degree here in Linköping University in aeronautical engineering. This is my second year at the master as well as a member of LiU Formula Student.


Q. How did you find LiU Formula Student.

A. I knew about it when I was in Spain. Since I was looking for a master degree, I checked the application and found out that there was a formula student team at Linköping University, so I came here. Which means I was interested in this team even before I came here and my passion for this is also my motivation.


Q. Which group are you in and what kind of work do you do?

A. I am in the Chassis Statics group. Last year I worked with the production of carbon fiber details and designed the mounts of the wings, and the sub frame for the engine. This year I am working with the carbon fiber production as well as being one of the persons responsible for the car’s aero-package. 


Q. What is the most interesting part of your work?

A. For me is to come up with a good design. Trying to come up with new ideas and solutions while keeping your feet on the ground is always challenging. As well as designing your component durable and realistic while making it as good as possible within the estimated time deadlines can be exciting.


Q. What do you think about being a member.

A. Great, it has been an amazing year. It is a recommendable experience for everyone.  Being able to build a race car from scratch, compete against teams from all over the world and say, yeah, we did that! I have received a lot of new knowledge within areas that probably wouldn’t have got in contact with if I wouldn’t have been a part of this project, for example manufacturing carbon fiber details alongside companies like Exova. I even got my master thesis with Wolfram MathCore, one of the companies sponsoring us. 


Q. So you participated in last year’s competition at FSUK. What do you feel about it and what have you learned?

A. It was really great being there, with a great car, it was a really intense experience. If something went wrong during the week, you literally did not have much time to fix it. You needed to work fast and together as a team. 


Q. So what do you expect for this year’s competition?

A. Well, right now we are working on our new car, ER17. I hope we can do great in the dynamic events since we have worked a lot to reduce the car’s weight. We will make it!


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